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about us


The  Health  Systems  and  Projects  Consultants (HSPC)  Limited  is  a  Nigerian management- holding  consultancy firm established to provide and promote systems management, capacity building/training and evidence-generation/research and outreach services for the Health (including PHC, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria), Nutrition and Food Security,  Energy and Environment, and Good Governance and Human Rights. HSPC is a partner to India’s foremost Metro Hospitals Group/MHI Healthcare and Afrihealth Optonet Association, among others.

Incorporated in December 2011, HSPC Ltd strives to be a key private-sector player in providing technical  services,  leadership  and  support  in conferences/workshops/seminars,  evaluation, reviews, assessments and oversights, monitoring and evaluations (M&E),  environmental impact assessments and performance audits. It provides and promotes organizational and individual capacity building/development and well being  through  health  tourism,  training, mentoring, technical assistance, capacity-building tours and curricular development. HSPC also develops strategic projects and    programs  management  approaches  including strategic plans, operational/work plans, M&E plans, activity plans, business plans, and project planning and programs  management. HSPC is a major commercial partner of Afrihealth in the areas of Capacity Development and Evidence-generation.

In 2011-2012, Afrihealth and HSPC undertook a research on civil society capacity needs assessment, during which civil society organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria’s 6 geopolitical zones expressed their areas of capacity needs. In 2012-13, it was the consultancy firm involved in organizing the 2nd High Level Meeting (HLM) of the Global POWER Women Network Africa (GPWNA) and 1st Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum conference (2013). It is the planning and organizing consultant for the Health, Human and Food Security Summits (HEFOSS), and 2015 Nigeria National Cervical Cancer Screening Scale-up Projects – Implementing Partners Meeting

Till date, HSPC has provided training and capacity building services for staff from the following organizations, to mention a few:

  • United Nations Development Programme (M&E)
  • NACA (M&E, Project and Programme Management or PPM)
  • NPHCDA (M&E, Advanced M&E)
  • Lagos State Ministry of Health (Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization)
  • Ogun State MOH (PPM)
  • Hope for the Village Child Foundation, Kaduna (PPM)
  • Social Welfare Network Foundation (PPM)
  • Antef Rural Resource Development Center, Abuja (PPM)
  • Total Health Trust Ltd (PPM)
  • FHI360/C-Change Project (PPM)
  • Military Hospital Sokoto (PPM)
  • SACA Sokoto (PPM)
  • Yoeb Consultants Ltd (M&E)

The company has also served as organizing consultant for the following organizations/conferences:

  • Federal Government of Nigeria, African Union, UNAIDS and Global POWER Women
  • Network Africa or GPWNA (2nd High Level Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria, 2013)
  • New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society (1st Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum, Abuja, 2013)
  • Afrihealth Optonet Association, FMoH and National Assembly (Health, Human and Food Security Summit – ongoing)
  • Federal Ministry of  Health  and  WHO  (Nigeria  National  Cervical  Cancer  Screening
  • Scale-up Programme – Implementing Partners Meeting 2015)

HSPC Ltd designs curriculum for various courses on request, and is currently organizing trainings for various competences in the health and development sectors; including:

  • Proposal Writing and Development (PWD)
  • Project and Programme Management (PPM)
  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilization (FRM)
  • Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Leadership Development, Career Advancement and Organizational Management (LCOM)
  • Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)
  • Community Systems Strengthening (CSS)
  • Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation (AdvM&E)
  • Advanced Programme and Project Management (AdvPPM)
  • Gender and Gender Mainstreaming (Gndr)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)

HSPC – spreading innovations for better health and development outcomes