HSPCONSULTS annoucnes 2017 Certificate Courses for June



This announcement overrides the one sent out last week on the same subject. Please take note.

The Health Systems & Projects Consultants www.hspconsults.com hereby invites you to participate and or nominate your staff to participate in the following 5-days hands-on certificate courses during the month of June 2017.

Fundraising and Resource Mobilization (PFRM)

Module 1 – Introductions, Definitions and Justifications

Module 2 – The good governance mix: An essential ingredient for fundraising

Module 3 – Financial performance and risk management

Module 4 – Trustees, governance and fundraising: getting the best from your board

Module 5 – The resource mobilization strategy development process: A step by step guide

Module 6 – The proposal development process

Module 7 – Not an option but a necessity: Resource mobilization strategies that guarantee results

Module 8 – Getting down to the nuts and bolts: Identifying strategies that work

Module 9 – Income generation for sustainability

Module 10 – A sustainable approach to major gifts

Module 11 – Effective communications for sustainable fundraising and resource mobilization

Module 12 – Micro-presentations

June 5-9 Abuja
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Module 1 – Introductions, Definitions and Justifications

Module 2 – Difference between monitoring and evaluation

Module 3 – The need for monitoring and evaluation

Module 4 – Monitoring in all process of the project cycle

Module 5 – Developing M&E indicators

Module 6 – Developing the logical framework or Logframe

Module 7 – Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

Module 8 – Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: functions, elements, standards and complexities

Module 9 – Overview of M&E plan implementation modalities

Module 10 – Data Tools, Data Quality, Data Collection, Capture and Data Quality Analyses

Module 11 – Quantitative and Qualitative methods

Module 12 – Data Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting

Module 13 – Reporting methods

Module 14 – Communicating M&E findings for action and accountability

Module 15 – Financial Monitoring

Module 16 – Micro-presentations

June 12-16 Abuja
Project and Programme Management (PPM)

Module 1 – Introductions, Definitions and Justifications

Module 2 – Project and Programme Management (PM) successes, failures, concepts and tools

Module 3 – Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Project Charter, Schedule and Budgets

Module 4 – PM Portfolio and Project Cycles

Module 5 – Management and Leadership

Module 6 – Change Management

Module 7 – Micro-presentations

June 19-23 Abuja
Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM):

Module 1 – Introductions, Definitions and Justifications

Module 2 – Communication as an overarching theme

Module 3 – Advocacy to change political agendas

Module 4 – Social mobilization to build partnerships

Module 5 – Knowledge is critical, but not enough

Module 6 – ACSM strategy must be integral

Module 7 – Participatory, nondiscriminatory and rights-based ACSM

Module 8 – Using ACSM to achieve desired changes and investments in community, national and global capacity

Module 9 – Fostering inclusion

Module 10 – Ensuring political commitment and accountability

Module 11 – Fostering partnerships

Module 12 – Learning, adapting and building on good ACSM practices

Module 13 – Monitoring and evaluation of ACSM programmes

Module 14 – Using ACSM to link to other development processes

Module 15 – Making ACSM work for programmes, activities and events

Module 16 – Micro-presentations

June 26-30 Abuja

Please also find below the following information on the courses:

  1. Brief organizational profile of HSPC
  2. Modules of the Course
  3. Course fee and payment/registration guideline/information
  4. Link to the modules of all courses being offered by HSPC, and

VENUE: Gracious Hotel; 29 Okemesi Crescent, off M. Buhari Way, by Old CBN, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria


N200, 000.00 per locally-based participant and US$750.00 per foreign-based participant

Fee covers the following:

  1. DVD/CD containing the official course presentations and materials for further readings
  2. Printed and spiral-bound copy of the official course presentations

iii.                Course certificate

  1. 2 daily tea breaks and 1 lunch for Tuesday – Thursday

 Training starts 9.00 am and ends 4.00 pm Monday – Friday.

 Participants are responsible for their accommodation arrangements, but HSPC will assist with arrangements if requested by registered participants


  1. payments in NAIRA

Zenith Bank (Naira)

Account Name: Health Systems & Project Consultants Ltd

A/C NO: 1013070541

  1. payments in US DOLLARS

Prospective participants are advised to request for payment/account information

 Click on the link below for the Modules/Course Contents:


Products and services from HSPC:


 DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION/PAYMENT AND REFUND REQUESTS: 1 week before the commencement of each course

 Also attached is the Course registration form. Complete and email back the registration form to hspconsults2012@gmail.com within the deadlines.


The Health Systems and Projects Consultants (HSPC) Limited is a Nigerian management-holding consultancy firm established to provide and promote systems management, capacity building/training and evidence-generation/research and outreach services for the Health (including PHC, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria), Nutrition and Food Security, Energy and Environment, and Good Governance and Human Rights. It is a partner to India’s foremost Metro Hospitals Group/MHI Healthcare and Afrihealth Optonet Association, among others. Incorporated in December 2011, HSPC Ltd strives to be a key private-sector player in providing technical services, leadership and support in conferences/workshops/seminars, evaluation, reviews, assessments and oversights, monitoring and evaluations (M&E),  environmental impact assessments and performance audits. It provides and promotes organisational and individual capacity building/development and wellbeing through health tourism, trainings, mentoring, technical assistance, capacity-building tours and curricular development. HSPC also develops strategic projects and programs management approaches including strategic plans, operational/work plans, M&E plans, activity plans, business plans, and project planning and programs management. HSPC is a major commercial partner of Afrihealth in the areas of Capacity Development and Evidence-generation. In 2011-2012, Afrihealth and HSPC undertook a research on civil society capacity needs assessment, during which civil society organisations (CSOs) in Nigeria’s 6 geopolitical zones expressed their areas of capacity needs. In 2012-13, it was the consultancy firm involved in organizing the 2nd High Level Meeting (HLM) of the GlobalPOWER Women Network Africa (GPWNA) and 1st Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum conference (2013). It is the planning and organizing consultant for the Health, Human and Food Security Summits (HEFOSS), and 2015 Nigeria National Cervical Cancer Screening Scale-up Projects – Implementing Partners Meeting.


Till date, HSPC has provided training and capacity building services for staff from the following organizations, to mention a few:

  1. United Nations Development Programme (M&E)
  2. NACA (M&E, Project and Programme Management or PPM)
  3. NPHCDA (M&E, Advanced M&E)
  4. Ogun State MOH (PPM)
  5. HIFASS (PPM, M&E,
  6. Hope for the Village Child Foundation, Kaduna (PPM)
  7. Social Welfare Network Foundation (PPM)
  8. Antef Rural Resource Development Center, Abuja (PPM)
  9. Total Health Trust Ltd (PPM)
  10. FHI360/C-Change Project (PPM)
  11. Military Hospital Sokoto (PPM)
  12. SACA Sokoto (PPM)
  13. Yoeb Consultants Ltd (M&E)

HSPC has also served as organizing consultant for the following organizations, conferences and meetings:

  1. Federal Government of Nigeria, African Union, UNAIDS and GlobalPOWER Women Network Africa or GPWNA (2ndHigh Level Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria, 2013)
  2. New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society (1stBiomedical HIV Prevention Forum, Abuja, 2013)
  3. Afrihealth Optonet Association, FMoH and National Assembly (Health, Human and Food Security Summits – HEFOSS, 2012-14)
  4. Federal Ministry of Health and WHO (Nigeria National Cervical Cancer Screening Scale-up Programme – Implementing Partners Meeting 2015)

HSPC Ltd designs curriculum for various courses on request, and is currently organizing trainings for various competences in the health and development sectors; including (in alphabetical order):

  • Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation (AdvM&E)
  • Advanced Programme and Project Management (AdvPPM)
  • Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM)
  • Community Systems Strengthening (CSS)
  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilization (FRM)
  • Gender and Gender Mainstreaming (Gndr)
  • Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)
  • Leadership Development, Career Advancement and Organizational Management (LCOM)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Project and Programme Management (PPM)
  • Proposal Writing and Development (PWD)



Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje

Prof. Obinna Onwujekwe

Dr. Aisha Ahmad

Hon. Dr. Wale Okediran

Dr. Emmanuel Nwobi

Adamu Imam

Dr. Ijeoma Okoronkwo

Dr. Ogoamaka Chukwuogo

Olayimika K.  Adebola

Anne Okigbo

Dan Iya

Mobolaji Olokodana

Dr. Jane Chukwukere


Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje, FACB, FIL, FNAE, MNIM, ACIPM

Faculty Director & Lead Facilitator

+234 81 88 55 44 14

Suite 216G, FHA Cornershop, Lugbe, Airport Rd, Abuja, Nigeria

Website: www.hspconsults.com

Email: hspconsults2012@gmail.com

HSPCONSULTS announces Employee Motivation Workshop


When you think of staff motivation, many things may come to mind: more money, a bigger office, a promotion, or a better quality of life. The truth is, no matter what we offer people, true motivation must come from within. Regardless of how it is characterized, it is important to get the right balance in order to ensure that you have a motivated workforce.
The Employee Motivation workshop will give participants several types of tools to become a great motivator, including goal setting and influencing skills. Participants will also learn about five of the most popular motivational models, and how to bring them together to create a custom program.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Defining motivation, an employer’s role in it and how the employee can play a part
  • Identifying the importance of Employee Motivation
  • Identifying methods of Employee Motivation
  • Describing the theories which pertain to Employee Motivation – with particular reference to psychology
  • Identifying personality types and how they fit into a plan for Employee Motivation.
  • Setting clear and defined goals.
  • Identifying specific issues in the field, and addressing these issues and how to maintain this going forward.

For more information or to reserve your spot in this workshop, please complete the reservation form below;

Reservation Form

Please click here to download the course registration form.

All completed forms should be emailed to info@hspconsults.com


HSPCONSULTS plans country wide training on innovative health maintenance scheme

HSPCONSULTS  has planned to train health workers in the 36 states of the federation on innovative health maintenance scheme.

dr uzodinma

According to the director of HSPCONSULTs Dr. Uzodinmma Adirieje, this scheme of part of the many planned Corporate Social Responsibility programs outline for year 2016